DIY Hand Warmers

Flannel hand warmers are easier to make than you’d imagine, and only uses 2 items! The great thing about DIY hand warmers is that you can inexpensively and quickly make a homemade gift in minutes. It’s also a great scrap buster project or even a great way to use up old shirts. You could even pair them with the No Sew Flannel Scarf. Think how cute that would be?! The recipient only has to place the pocket warmers in the microwave for 30 seconds and they’ll have instant warmth. The best part, you can reuse them over and over. They’re so easy. Here’s how.

diy handwarmers

DIY Hand Warmers


Hand Warmers How-to:



  • Flannel fabric, 4″ or 5″ squares
  • Rice, long or short grain works great
  • Funnel


Step 1: Turn fabric squares inside out and sew a single straight stitch along all four sides leaving a 1 inch opening.


Step 2: Leave a 1 inch opening. This will be used to pour the rice in.


Step 3: Turn the fabric right side out.


Use a funnel to insert rice into the pouch. Fill it approximately 3/4 full. You could even add some essential oils at this point if you’d like. To finish it off, hand stitch the opening.


Voila! Easy peasy, right?! Tie with a ribbon for an easy gift idea. Don’t forget to tell the recipient to place them in the microwave for 30 seconds to warm them up.

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2 responses to “DIY Hand Warmers”

  1. Kathi Avatar

    Do you use “regular” rice, or “Minute” rice? No directions ever specify.

    1. Rachelle Brancato Avatar
      Rachelle Brancato

      Hi Kathi! It is “regular” rice. I’ve just updated the post to specify. Thank you for pointing that out 🙂