Dragon Paper Plate Puppet

Paper plates are not just for eating your meal on they’re a great crafting supply. You’d be amazed by all of the incredible things you can make with them and just how much fun kids have being creative. And, now that the new Pete’s Dragon movie is out, this craft makes a fun Elliot inspired puppet. It’s sure to keep your kids interested, and the best part is that this dragon paper plate puppet is inexpensive!

dragon puppet

Dragon Paper Plate Puppet

dragon puppet

Dragon Paper Plate Puppet How-to:

puppet supplies


  • 2 paper plates
  • 2 sheets of green felt cut into 5 – 2 inch triangles
  • 2 Large green pom pom’s
  • Green craft paint
  • 2 Small pom pom’s
  • 2 Large wiggle eyes
  • Orange and red tissue paper

paper plates

Step 1: Fold one paper plate in half.  Cut the second paper plate in half and cutting an angled portion on one of the plate halves like pictures above.

staple paper plates

Step 2: Staple the two plates together. See picture above.


Step 3: Paint the plates.  Once the paint has dried you can begin to glue on the felt, pom pom’s and wiggle eyes.  A hot glue gun works great for this.


Step 4: Using 1/2 sheets of red and orange tissue paper you can cut slits in the tissue paper. Do not cut all the way to the top of the tissue paper leave at least a 1 inch allowance. Twist the uncut end of the tissue paper together and hot glue in the puppets mouth.

paper plate dragon puppet

You can draw on a quick mouth using a black marker or sharpie.  Another fun option is to add on felt teeth. Check out our other DIY Kids Crafts Posts, here!

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