Cotton Candy Sugar Lip Scrub

Cotton Candy Sugar Lip Scrub

Making a Cotton Candy Sugar Lip Scrub at home is easy! It only takes a few minutes (think 5), and it’s really inexpensive, too. This recipe is one our favorite homemade gifts, ever. We love it because of how easy it is, how inexpensive it is to make, how cute it looks, and how well it works to exfoliate and soften your lips. The cotton candy lip scrub makes a great gift for all of your friends and family.  It’s on-trend, so you know it’ll be received well! This cotton candy sugar lip scrub will take your lips from drab to fab. This Lush inspired lip scrub can be made for under a buck.  Forget spending at least $10 on a lip scrub! Make your own to gift to a friend.

Cotton Candy Sugar Lip Scrub

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Cotton Candy Sugar Lip Scrub

Cotton Candy Sugar Lip Scrub

Homemade cotton candy sugar lip scrub is a great recipe because it:

  • Smells and tastes great – you can choose how mild or strong you want the scent depending upon the amount of flavoring you add to your mixture! Remember, you can tweak the recipe!
  • It’s Easy to Make.
  • It Exfoliates!
  • It softens and smoothes the lips. Goodbye flakey lips, hello silky smackers!
  • Is one of the most inexpensive homemade gift to make we can think of.
  • Can be used year round {remember though, coconut oil only lasts about 6 months}.

Cotton Candy Sugar Lip Scrub Ingredients

Cotton Candy Sugar Lip Scrub Ingredients

  • Granulated Sugar, 2 tablespoons
  • Coconut oil, 1 teaspoon
  • Honey, 1/2 teaspoon
  • Cotton Candy flavor, 3 drops
  • Pink gel food dye by Wilton, 1 drop
  • Jars to put lip scrub in. We found ours at Hobby Lobby in the soap making section, but they can also be found on Amazon.

Cotton Candy Sugar Lip Scrub Recipe

Cotton Candy Sugar Lip Scrub Recipe

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STEP 1: Mix sugar, coconut oil, and honey in a bowl. Add approximately 3 drops of cotton candy flavoring and 1 drop of pink food gel to the mix.  Stir well. You can find edible oils (more traditionally used for candy making) like the cotton candy one we used on Amazon or your local craft store.

Cotton Candy Sugar Lip Scrub

STEP 2: Mix well; you want to make sure the color is completely blended.

STEP 3: Add lip scrub mix to jars. This batch yields 3 jars.

Cotton Candy Sugar Lip Scrub

Voila! Ready to Use.

Give your homemade lip scrub as gifts or enjoy for yourself!

How do you like the lip scrub? Let us know in the comments!

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