Crawling with Worms Cake

Halloween  is one of our favorite holidays, and I suspect it has something to do with the fun treat ideas. The spookier the better. This Crawling with Worms Cake holds a surprise inside that is only revealed when cut into. Imagine the look on your kids’ face when they see worms crawling out of the cake?! If you like creepy crawlers for Halloween, you are going to want to give this recipe a try.


Crawling with Worms Cake


Crawling with Worms Cake Recipe



  • White Cake Mix, 1 box
  • Gummy Worms, we used Trolli’s
  • White Frosting, 1 tub


Step 1: Bake white cake mix according to the box directions using 2-8″ round pans. Note: you could, of course, make your own homemade cake.


Step 2: Frost between layers of cake using store bought frosting or homemade frosting.


Step 3: Place second layer of cake on top of the bottom cake.



Step 4: In the center of the cake cut out a circle approximately 2-3 inches in diameter. Save the top piece.


Step 5: This is what it looks like with the center removed. Fill the hole with gummy worms. Leave enough room for the top layer of cake to be placed on top of worms. (Not pictured.)


Step 6: Using the reserved top layer of cake removed, gently place it on top of the worms. It’s now ready to be frosted.


Step 7: Frost the rest of the cake. You can do a smooth frosting all over or you can add a little bit of piped frosting too. Voila! That’s it. An easy peasy Halloween cake!


SURPRISE! Once you cut into the cake worms will start crawling out! Bwaa-haa! A super fun cake the kids will adore.
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