easy homemade dish tabs

Top 10 DIY Kitchen Cleaner Recipes

Top 10 DIY Kitchen Cleaners

If there’s one thing you can count on in life, it’s that the dishes will never been done, and there’s probably something to clean in your kitchen. (smiling) If you are tired of buying kitchen cleaners, or just more interested in making your own with more natural ingredients, then these DIY natural cleaners will be right up your alley. If you are like we’ve become and much more cognizant of what we put on our counters and surfaces that our food touches, then you’ll love these recipes for making your own. Not only are they more natural, they’ll save you money in the long run. Here are the Top 10 DIY Kitchen Cleaners we could find that can make cleaning your kitchen more natural and economical! They cover cleaners for the counters, kitchen sink, the oven, garbage disposal, garbage can, and even include dishwasher tablets.

DIY Kitchen Cleaners

easy homemade dish tabs

1. 3-Ingredient Homemade Dish Tablets by Mom4Real. We are in love with this homemade dish table recipe that only requires 3-ingredients! They’ll wash your dishes and save you money!

diy soft scrub cleaner

2. DIY Homemade Scrub Cleaner by Live Simply. Sometimes you just need a really strong cleaner like Soft Scrub. This is the DIY version. It works wonders on dirt and mildew!

garbage disposal refreshers

3. Garbage Disposal Refreshers by POP Sugar. These little squares are so cute an inexpensive it’s a crime NOT to make them. (smiling) Packed with lemon peel and baking soda, these little babies will clean your garbage disposal like a pro!


4. Lemon + Clove Nightly Sink Scrub by Clean Mama. This is Clean Mama’s most used and one of her favorite recipes, so you know it’s a great one! It doubles as an air freshener and odor absorber, too!

Homemade Kitchen Cleaners

DIY disinfecting wipes

5.  DIY Reusable Disinfecting Wipes by One Good Thing by Jillee. If you are looking for a cheaper, natural, and BETTER alternative to Clorox wipes then you’ve come to the right place!


6. DIY Garbage Disposal Tablets by Pinned and Repinned. Freshen and disinfect your garbage disposal with these all-natural disposal tablets. An easy recipe and you probably already have all of the items at home.

DIY Homemade all purpose cleaner

7. DIY All Purpose Cleaner NO Vinegar by Don’t Waste the Crumbs. A simple all purpose cleaner made without vinegar if for some reason you don’t want to use vinegar or you just don’t have any!

Kitchen Cleaners How-to

DIY Granite spray

8. DIY Laundry Pods by Frugally Blonde. It’s easy to make and leaves your granite sparkly! You will need alcohol, water and dish soap. Visit Frugally Blonde to find out how to put it all together.

homemade liquid dish soap

9. Homemade Liquid Dish Soap Recipe by Mommypotamus. This recipe is easy, and Mommypotamus tried out a bunch of recipes before she settled on this one! It actually doesn’t require very many ingredients, but it sounds like the type of water you use does play a factor….

homemade garbage deodorizing disks

10. Homemade Garbage Deodorizing Disks by New Leaf Wellness. These are like a miracle disk for smelly trash cans, diaper pails or kitty litter boxes. You won’t know how you survived without them!!

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