Top 10 Easy Ab Workouts

Top 10 Easy Ab Workouts

We are always looking for new and easy ways to sculpt our abs. Notice we said “easy” because working out can be hard and time consuming.  The things we do for good health and beauty! (laughing) That’s why we love these Top 10 Easy AB Workouts. They are not so involved that you won’t want to do them. If we could get sculpted Ab’s by sitting around, we would. Since we can’t these workouts are a great start!

ab workouts

Easy Ab Workouts

flat abs in 5

1. Flat Abs in 5 by The Live Fit Girls. This 5-minute ab workout with free printable totally has our name written all over. it. (smiling)

sexy summer abs

2. Sexy Summer Abs by Karma Fitness. Get ready for some awesome summer abs! You’ll just need motivation, an exercise mat and an interval timer.

ab exercises for women

3. Diamond Abs Workout by Fit Girl’s Diary. This workout targets the muffin top and then sculpting your abs!

lazy girls lower ab workout

4. The Lazy Girl’s Lower Ab Workout by Born to Sweat. A workout for the lazy girl to tone the lower abs? Sign us up.

AB Workouts for Women

450 rep abs on fire

5. Abs on Fire by Lushious Lifts. This is a workout that will really work your abs. You’ll need a medicine ball and an exercise to do this at home.

30 day ab workout challenge

6. 30-Day Ab Workout Challenge by Tone and Tighten. This one is for purchase, but it’s a workout that you stick with for 30 Days!

pilates ab workout

7. 5-Minute Pilates Ab Workout by The Live Fit Girls. This 5-Minute Ab workout is for Pilates lovers.

Ab Workouts

ab core workout

8. Strong Core Circuit Workout by Lushious Lifts. All you need for this strong core workout is an exercise mat. And determination. (smiling)

30 day ab challenge

9. 30-Day Abs Challenge by 30 Day Fitness Challenges. This challenge has 4 exercises that you do daily for the month. Build up strength day by day!

7 day ab challenge

10. 7-Day Muffin Top Weekly Workout by Diary of a Fit Mommy. Get rid of that muffin top, stat. Here’s a workout to help!

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