Easy DIY Poodle Skirt

Don’t let Halloween creep up you like we’ve been known to do. To stay ahead of the game this year we’ve come up with an easy costume idea, a poodle skirt. This 50’s inspired Easy DIY Poodle Skirt costume idea is so incredibly easy you can have it ready in no time at all. It’s perfect for any age because it’s custom-sized. There is some sewing involved, but don’t get discouraged because it’s minimal. If you can sew a straight line then you are golden. Let’s get started. Here’s how.

easy diy poodle skirt

Easy DIY Poodle Skirt


Poodle Skirt How-to:




  • Pink felt, 2 yards
  • Black elastic, 2 inch width
  • Poodle applique
  • Black sequin trim
  • Pencil
  • Piece of string or yarn
  • White chalk, 1 piece
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine


Step 1: Wrap the 2 inch elastic around the waist and pin at desired length. Cut excess elastic off leaving a 1 inch overlap. Sew a rectangular shaped seam on the overlap to fasten it.


Step 2: When figuring out the length needed for the circle skirt, this chart comes in very handy. It converts your waist length into inches then you can add that to the length.


Step 3: Fold felt fabric in half lengthwise and then half again. Use a fabric tape measure to mark the desired length at the corner fold. Here’s a great diagram that details how to mark the length on the fabric. White chalk works great for this.

Step 4: To draw the perfect half circle use a pencil, string, and chalk. It’s like using a protractor, but handmade. Tie the correct length of string to the pencil and piece of chalk. Hold the pencil at the folded corner point and draw the half circle with the chalk.

Step 5: Using scissors trim along the half circles you just drew. Don’t forget to cut both.

Step 6: Turn felt circle inside out and pin to the elastic waist band.

Step 7: Sew the fabric to the waist band. Remove the pins.

Step 8: Sew another seam approximately 1/4 inch next to the other seam.

Step 9: Instead of sewing the applique patch on heat n’ bond was used instead. It’s so easy to do. Trace the poodle on the heat n’ bond, cut out the poodle shape, iron to the patch, remove the paper, and iron onto the skirt. Make sure you cover the applique poodle with a cloth towel or washcloth to prevent any burns on the fabric.

Step 10: At this point you can add crystals to the poodle if desired. Lay out the sequin trim on the skirt in the desired pattern you want. Start gluing the trim on a section at a time.


That’s it! So easy, right?


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