edible finger paints

Top 10 Edible Sensory Play Activities for Kids

 Top 10 Edible Sensory Play Activities for Kids

Sensory activities for kids are not only fun, they are almost guaranteed to hold their attention! Sensory activities are great because we learn best and retain the information even better when we use our senses. Since children learn about their world “hands-on”, providing them opportunities to learn with their senses is imperative. These Top 10 Edible Sensory Play Activities for Kids are fabulous because if your kiddos decide to taste them, or put them in their mouth, it’s no problem. We are in love with these activities for kids that are designed to engage their senses. The best part is that they are EASY to make. Grab your kids and have some sensory fun!

edible sensory activities

Edible Sensory Play Activities for Kids

edible finger paints

1. Edible Finger Paint by Kids Craft Room. This “taste-safe” finger paint makes a wonderful sensory activity that is great for kids of all ages. We even want to give it a try!

edible marshmallow playdough


2. Edible Marshmallow Play Dough by One Little Project. This looks like one of the best edible playdough recipes we’ve seen. The glossy finish is just lovely. Apparently it isn’t too sweet so your kids won’t want to eat it…all.

spaghetti slime


3. How to Make Spaghetti Slime by The 36th Avenue. Grab some spaghetti noodles and Kool-Aid, you’ll be amazed how easy this is to make and how much your kids enjoy playing with it!

Edible sensory balls


4. Edible Sensory Play Balls by The Mud Kitchen. This activity is multi-sensory and is guaranteed to engage your child. Get ready for some fun squishing!

How to Make Edible Sensory Recipes

Rainbow Jello


5. Rainbow Jello Sensory Activity by Meri Cherry. Who would have thought that a sensory activity using jello could be so fun? I’ve never squished jello through my fingers, but now I kind of want to in order to feel what it’s all about.

Edible Slime recipe


6. Edible Slime Recipe by Growing a Jeweled Rose. This recipe to make slime is edible! It’s Borax free, and uses a secret ingredient we wouldn’t have thought of, that’s for sure!

edible paint


7. Edible Paint for Kids by The Realistic Mama. Touch, taste, and sight are all engaged in this awesome edible activity that looks absolutely amazing. It uses fresh fruit! How great is that?

Sensory Activities

edible sludge


8. Edible Sludge by And Next Comes L. This recipe came about as a edible slime fail, but it’s a huge hit. This edible sludge is safe for kids to taste for those oral sensory learners!

Marble Play dough

9. Marble Play Dough by Teacher by Trade, Mother by Nature. This edible play dough recipe with a marbled appearance is fantastic. It’s easy to make and fun to play with!

Ice Cream Play Dough


10. Ice Cream Play Dough by Bitz N Giggles. It doesn’t matter what season it is, this recipe for making ice cream play dough is one of our favorites. Where was this recipe when we were kids? (smiling)

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