Half-Up Bow Combo Hair Tutorial

Braid’s are super on-trend these days and combination braids are hot, hot, hot. This half-up bow combination hairstyle was inspired by the braid guru’s Cute Girls Hairstyles, it combines a 3-strand braid and fishtail braid. This half-up bow combo hairstyle can be done in 10 simple steps and only takes a few minutes to execute! It’s so easy. Here’s how.

Half-Up Bow Combo Tutorial


Half-Up Bow Combo How-to:


Step 1: Use a comb to part the top of the hair line starting at the temples.  You can use a spray bottle to keep those stray hairs at bay.

Step 2: Divide the sectioned off hair into three equal parts. Begin braiding a 3-strand braid, stopping approximately half way down the length of the hair.

Step 3: Start transitioning into a fish tail braid by dividing the hair into two sections. Continue the braid with a fishtail braid until you can’t braid anymore.  Secure the braid with a pony holder.

Step 4: Pancake the first portion of the braid. (Pancaking is gently pulling a small amount of hair from the braid to make it look thicker and fuller.)

Step 5: Use the comb again to add another section of hair starting at the ear and going back.

Step 6: Secure with a pony holder.

Step 7: Using the hair from the second pony tail you just secured you’re going to make a small loop with the hair (similar to tying your shoe laces).

Step 8: Once you’ve pulled the loop through the pony holder twist the pony holder and pull another hair loop through the pony holder.

Step 9: You will now have two loops. Use bobby pins to secure the loops to the rest of the hair.

Step 10: Wrap the remainder of the hair (the tail) around the center of the bow.


That’s it! So easy, right?


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