Homemade Nail Polish

Homemade nail polish is easier to make than you’d imagine, and only uses 2 ingredients! The great thing about homemade nail polish is that you can inexpensively and quickly make a homemade nail polish and not have to run to the store for that perfect color. We keep several clear top coat nail polishes on hand so that we can make our own on the fly. To make homemade nail polish, we use EYESHADOW as the coloring. Think of all of those eyeshadow palettes you probably have building up in your makeup stash that you can use. Here’s a great way to use the colors you don’t put on your eyes, OR match a nail color to your eyeshadow! Homemade nail polish is a great party favor/activity for girls, and they make excellent homemade gifts! Think how cute it would be to make DIY Turban Headbands and Homemade Nail Polish at a party! If you can dump some crushed eyeshadow in a nail polish bottle, then you can make homemade nail polish. It’s so easy. Here’s how.

homemade nail polish


Homemade Nail Polish


Homemade Nail Polish How-to:



  • Clear nail polish
  • Eyeshadow
  • sandwich bag (optional)
  • piece of paper to make a funnel



Step 1: Crush up eyeshadow in the shade you’d like to make your homemade nail polish. It works best if you crush the eyeshadow in a sandwich bag or directly on a 2″ X 2″ piece of paper.


Step 2 & 3: Open the lid of your clear nail polish. Then, carefully roll the paper into a funnel that fits within the rim of the nail polish.


Step 4: Dump the contents (crushed eyeshadow) of the funnel into the nail polish.


Step 5: Use the toothpick to begin to mix the eyeshadow into the polish.

Step 6: Put the lid back on the nail polish and shake well.

That’s it! So easy, right?


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