Merry Christmas Giveaway! CLOSED

This post and giveaway brought to you by GREATER and HILLSONG – LET HOPE RISE, both inspirational movies coming out on DVD on December 20th. The content and opinions expressed below are that of

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Do you love paying it forward as much as we do? Today’s giveaway is all about paying it forward, and we feel like the movies we are highlighting pay forward goodness every time someone watches them! We love that with this giveaway we are going to pay it forward times two! We are giving away a DVD gift set including GREATER and HILLSONG – LET HOPE RISE, plus a $25 gift card to Target! So, you can give the gift of the DVD’s that keep on giving, and you can help someone in need with the Target gift card. Awesome, right?

We adore it when we find inspirational, family friendly movies that are appropriate for the whole family. GREATER, the movie is based on the life of Brandon Burlsworth, a football great whose story reminds us to dream big. HILLSONG – LET HOPE RISE was a phenomenon when it came out in theaters in September. Both films highlight the the value of perseverance! When people lean on their faith with perseverance – God enables them to do extraordinary things in life.

christmas cookies

Christmas is a time that we try to instill values of giving in our children in the hope that they’ll want to keep giving and serving throughout the year. Each year we carol as a family to people we think would enjoy a visit and a little treat and it always ends up being a really rewarding experience. I think we get more out of it than they do. It’s humbling to see the gratitude that the people show for the simple act of showing up and singing at their door and giving them a plate a cookies. Of course, the true gift is the gift of friendship and love for simple acts of service.

This year we decorated a few homes for Christmas. These were families that didn’t have the means or time to decorate on their own and it was something different, it was fun for the kids, and it was fulfilling. The houses looked great and it enabled the whole neighborhood the enjoy a little more holiday spirit. We’ve found that there are lots of little ways that we can make a difference during the holiday season that can be tailored to any age!

Merry Christmas Giveaway

Scroll down to enter to win a $25 Gift Card to Target plus a DVD Gift SET including GREATER and HILLSONG – LET HOPE RISE.

Hillsong – Let Hope Rise

Will be released on DVD on December 20th!

Greater, the movie

Will be released on DVD on December 20th!


  • Enter to win a $25 Target Gift Card!
  • Plus a DVD Gift Set including GREATER and HILLSONG – LET HOPE RISE.

(We’ll be paying forward the same set to someone in our community, too!)

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Greater and Hillsong – Let Hope Rise, is providing the gift card and DVD’s for this giveaway at no cost to me. This giveaway is not administered or sponsored by Greater or Hillsong – Let Hope Rise, but solely by PINNED AND REPINNED.






125 responses to “Merry Christmas Giveaway! CLOSED”

  1. Patricia Dunbar Avatar
    Patricia Dunbar

    I give to the Salvation Army!

  2. Lisa Brown Avatar
    Lisa Brown

    I give to the local food banks

  3. mami2jcn Avatar

    We donate to toys for tots.

  4. Julie Wood Avatar
    Julie Wood

    Instead of buying tons of stuff for myself, I donate to our toy drive in my town. And I help collect food. This makes me feel great and I have my family and friends over for the Holdiays!

  5. Jessica To Avatar
    Jessica To

    We donate food to our church’s food pantry.

  6. Elena Avatar

    By donating food and money to local charity

  7. Janet W. Avatar
    Janet W.

    To make the holiday season more meaningful, we do our annual traditions like baking and decorating gingerbread men and women cookies with my grandsons. We just try to spend as much time together as possible!

  8. Linda Trinklein Avatar
    Linda Trinklein

    We did Operation christmas child this year! We also donated to the local food drive, I think it good to think of others always and more so around the holidays!

  9. Natalie Avatar

    My family and I volunteer for Meals on Wheels during the holiday season.

  10. Lauren Avatar

    We have an advent calendar with Bible verses.

  11. heather Avatar

    I like to bake and give handmade gift to friends and family to make the holidays more meaningful.

  12. Samantha F. Avatar
    Samantha F.

    We donate to food banks, etc

  13. Chrissy Avatar

    We make it a point to give back and try to focus on what the true meaning of Christmas should be about!

  14. Barbara Montag Avatar
    Barbara Montag

    To make the holiday season more special we have a couple of traditions.
    thank you

  15. Christie Avatar

    We put all electronics away for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and just enjoy each other.

  16. harolde Avatar

    Have family come over that I haven’t seen all year.

  17. shelly peterson Avatar
    shelly peterson

    To make the holiday season more meaningful we have several family traditions we follow.

  18. elizabeth p Avatar
    elizabeth p

    We have a handmade gift only policy.

  19. Thoma Murphy Avatar
    Thoma Murphy

    I make lots of good food.

  20. Courtney Avatar

    Give Toys. Read stories to my kids.

  21. Adrienne Gordon Avatar
    Adrienne Gordon

    we adopt a family in need.

  22. Amy Pratt Avatar
    Amy Pratt

    I try to be supportive of my friends.

  23. Margaret Smith Avatar
    Margaret Smith

    We try to help others by volunteering and making donations.

  24. Barbara Lima Avatar
    Barbara Lima

    Donate to the Food Pantry.

  25. Ashley C Avatar
    Ashley C

    We like to spend lots of quality family time together, and pick some project to volunteer with!

  26. Cynthia C Avatar
    Cynthia C

    I donate to Goodwill and Toys for Tots.

  27. Danielle Avatar

    I donate to the local charities to help with presents and food. I also invite people to my home from work for the holidays that can’t make it to their families.

  28. Michelle Hill Avatar
    Michelle Hill

    I make it meaningful by keeping up with holiday traditions!

  29. Trisha Burgess Avatar
    Trisha Burgess

    We make sure to keep family traditions going!

  30. Courtnie Miller Avatar
    Courtnie Miller

    I attend church on Christmas Eve

  31. Debbi Wellenstein Avatar
    Debbi Wellenstein

    We invite people over who don’t have family in the area.

  32. peter gladue Avatar
    peter gladue

    Greet Strangers with “Merry Christmas”

  33. Sandy Klocinski Avatar
    Sandy Klocinski

    I use the day to connect with people I care deeply about. Get together. Strengthen bonds. Laugh. Talk. Love.

  34. Danielle Bell Avatar
    Danielle Bell

    We participate in many family activities and teach our children about the holiday

  35. Mary Beth Elderton Avatar
    Mary Beth Elderton

    Since they were little, my kids were *responsible* for choosing a gift for donation to another child–usually a local Toy Run. Obviously we had a budget, but the gift had to be something nice that they really liked for themselves. Now that they are grown, that responsibility now belongs to my grand-daughters.

  36. Kathleen Avatar

    I make the holidays more meaningful by donating to Toys for Tots.

    kport207 at gmail dot com

  37. Tracy Robertson Avatar
    Tracy Robertson

    I am on a mission to greet everyone I see cheerfully this holiday season, even if they are crabby, LOL!

  38. Linda Lansford Avatar
    Linda Lansford

    to make the holiday season more meaningful we have a family get to gether

  39. Alison King Avatar
    Alison King

    We go Christmas caroling to spread some holiday cheer. We also like to give holiday treats like cookies and candies to our neighbors.

  40. Mary Cloud Avatar
    Mary Cloud

    We donate to schools canned food drives

  41. Natalie U Avatar
    Natalie U

    We always say a prayer before eating…it’s our tradition and we personalize it every year

  42. Nancy Avatar

    We try to help others by donating to the Salvation Army and Goodwill.

  43. rich morris Avatar
    rich morris

    We try to do more activities and stuff together as a family versus just buy more presents

  44. Seyma Shabbir Avatar
    Seyma Shabbir

    Donating to those less fortunate or to organizations who help. Whether it is a food pantry, jacket drive or tree angel.

  45. Soha Molina Avatar
    Soha Molina

    I try to give back by donating,

  46. Katie Betts Avatar
    Katie Betts

    I spend a lot of time with my friends and family to make the holidays more special

  47. Shemp DeYoung Avatar
    Shemp DeYoung

    We do as many things together as a family during this time as we can.

  48. Gina H. Avatar
    Gina H.

    Donate toys to Toys for Tots.

  49. lisa kay Avatar
    lisa kay

    We shop for a Family that can not afford to by Preasants for their Family

  50. cheryl s Avatar
    cheryl s

    we give to several animal rescue organizations

  51. Steve Weber Avatar
    Steve Weber

    I make sure to give back when I can.

  52. Sarah Hayes Avatar
    Sarah Hayes

    I help others that are in need

  53. Randi Cook Avatar
    Randi Cook

    The holiday is about spending and making memories with family and friends. That’s what we do.

  54. Marita Avatar

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  55. Danielle Day Avatar
    Danielle Day

    we donate what we don’t need and recycle what we think others might want.

  56. Lisa V. Avatar
    Lisa V.

    We donate to the purple heart.

  57. DOUG GERARD Avatar


  58. Laurajj Avatar

    We always give to our local toy drive. I love to take him to the store, and pick some toys he would love….to give to another little boy who would love them too! Such a special time and he really takes his time picking out the toys!

  59. Theresa N Avatar
    Theresa N

    We do things together as a family.

  60. beth shepherd Avatar
    beth shepherd

    We donate our time and gifts to our local town. Thank you

  61. Amy Orvin Avatar
    Amy Orvin

    I always get my neighbors presents and donate to animal shelters in my area.

  62. amanda lea Avatar
    amanda lea

    We do shoe boxes for Samaritan purse!!

  63. Mandala Avatar

    We volunteer in church and organize dinner for the homeless.

  64. Cheryl B Avatar
    Cheryl B

    I give to needy families in my community.

  65. Brittney House Avatar
    Brittney House

    We like to volunteer at a local shelter every year.

  66. Sheila K. Avatar
    Sheila K.

    We take the time to reconnect with family members, friends, and neighbors!

  67. BusyWorkingMama Avatar

    We deliver homemade goodies to neighbors.

  68. Jen Haile Avatar
    Jen Haile

    I try to get out to more holiday events in the area.

  69. Karla R. Avatar
    Karla R.

    Spending time with family definitely makes it more meaningful.

  70. Donna L Avatar
    Donna L

    We donate to several charitable organizations.

  71. Will G Avatar
    Will G

    We help those in need through donations.

  72. SHAYNA Avatar


  73. Susan Christy Avatar
    Susan Christy

    We volunteer and donate toys as well as attending church services together.

  74. Mary Jacobowitz Avatar
    Mary Jacobowitz

    I donated to St Jude’s and Toys for Tot’s.

  75. bn100 Avatar

    make fudge for neighbors

  76. Heather Williams Avatar
    Heather Williams

    I volunteer weeknight during the holidays try to go a few days more a week. Holidays are always busy at shelters.

  77. Katie K Avatar
    Katie K

    I make a point to enjoy time w/ family – true quality time.

  78. Nicole Martin Avatar
    Nicole Martin

    By baking cookies for my friends

  79. Rachel Avatar

    To make Christmas more meaningful we donate toys, food and other essentials to our church for distribution to those that are less fortunate.

  80. heather s Avatar
    heather s

    Donate to Toys for Tots

  81. latoya Avatar

    I spend as much time with friends and family, we also donate to needy families through local charity organizations.

  82. Tina W Avatar
    Tina W

    We volunteer at a senior center.

  83. McKim Avatar

    I participate in the Operation Christmas Child program. This year my family did 12 shoeboxes.

  84. Tamra H Avatar
    Tamra H

    We donate food and toys.

  85. Susan Smith Avatar
    Susan Smith

    We donate food and toys to our local shelter.

  86. Dwayne Berry Avatar
    Dwayne Berry

    We watch a slew of Christmas specials.

  87. Victoria Scott Avatar
    Victoria Scott

    We do weekly activities together, like baking cookies, going to see Christmas lights, watching Christmas movies.

  88. Brooke Allen Avatar
    Brooke Allen

    We try to make the holidays more meaningful by giving to others.

  89. Kelly D Avatar
    Kelly D

    We write cards to family members that we don’t get to see for the holidays.

  90. Veronica L Avatar
    Veronica L

    My boys and I love to make trays and trays full of cookies & sweets to bring to family & friends during this time. Just a simple thing as that means a lot to others.

  91. Tee A Avatar
    Tee A

    We bake lots of cookies and give to friends, family and neighbors.

  92. aaron reck Avatar
    aaron reck

    Bake cookies and spend time with my loved ones.

  93. Aaron Humphrey Avatar
    Aaron Humphrey

    Spend it with my family.

  94. golden storm Avatar
    golden storm

    we donate food to the food banks and places handing out christmas food baskets

  95. bridgett wilbur Avatar
    bridgett wilbur

    I do toys for tots and coats for kids.

  96. Dana Rodriguez Avatar
    Dana Rodriguez

    This year we picked up the tab for a family’s week of groceries.

  97. Daniel M Avatar
    Daniel M

    we run toy drives at our church

  98. laura bernard Avatar
    laura bernard

    Donate to families in need.

  99. Kimberly Flickinger Avatar
    Kimberly Flickinger

    I try to bring joy to others. I donate to my local animal shelter and my local women’s shelter.

  100. Heather D Avatar
    Heather D

    I get my kids to participate in the decorating and baking. Their excitement is infectious.

  101. Kristen Avatar

    We always remember to give. We don’t really NEED more stuff, so we’d rather give to the toy drive and the food bank.

  102. Jaye Smith Avatar
    Jaye Smith

    Choose someone from the angel tree and gift them their wish

  103. Jill Rivera Avatar
    Jill Rivera

    I bake cookie and deliver them to my senior friends.

  104. Annamarie V Avatar
    Annamarie V

    I make it more meaningful by spending more time with family and getting together with friends.

  105. Julie Matek Avatar
    Julie Matek

    We donate to toys 4 tots. Also my mom, sister, niece & daughter bake my grandmother’s sugar cookies;)

  106. Maria Beas Avatar
    Maria Beas

    To make the holiday season more meaningful, I donate some christmas gifts to the families in need in m neighborhood and I also cook some tamales and hot chocolate for the homeless outside a store close to my home. Thanks for the chance to win such an amazing giveaway. Happy holidays and I wish you a very happy and prosperous new year.

  107. Jason Avatar

    We donate to Toys for Tots

  108. Carolyn Daley Avatar
    Carolyn Daley

    We donated toys this year at the Florida Panthers toy drive. Sometimes we donate gifts to the Giving Tree at City Hall.

  109. susan smoaks Avatar
    susan smoaks

    my husband taught me that sharing with others is more fun then being selfish so we invite people over and treat them to a nice dinner

  110. Angie S Avatar
    Angie S

    Each year I take my family to the living Nativity scene. It’s a very powerful experience and reminds us all of the season!

  111. amy delong Avatar
    amy delong

    donate food to a local charity

  112. Katy S Avatar
    Katy S

    Support a family at Christmas that’s less fortunate than mine

  113. Breanna Pollard Avatar
    Breanna Pollard


  114. sarah mayer Avatar
    sarah mayer

    We donate food and supplies to local shelters.

  115. Soha Molina Avatar
    Soha Molina

    We like to donate toys.

  116. allison Avatar

    We do caroling at CHKD! Thanks so much for the chances to win.

  117. Katrina Angele Avatar
    Katrina Angele

    We take part in the living nativity.

  118. Kyl Neusch Avatar
    Kyl Neusch

    give to the local food banks

  119. Tammie Venne Avatar
    Tammie Venne

    I bake homemade baked goods from my grandmothers recipe for people to bring back memories

  120. kim eddings Avatar
    kim eddings

    I just enjoy the time with my family.

  121. Lisa Coomer Queen Avatar
    Lisa Coomer Queen

    My family (there is 18 of us now) get a family from Social Services and sponsor them for the holidays. We do the meal and gifts. Thanks!

  122. Jan Warner Avatar
    Jan Warner

    I donated a bunch of toys to the school that collects toys for families in need

  123. Laurie Emerson Avatar
    Laurie Emerson

    We make tons of Christmas cookie and bring them to the Senior Citizen Home.

  124. Vikki Billings Avatar
    Vikki Billings

    This year my daughters dad passed away and he had stock piled food, so we donated close to 700 dollars in food to a local churches food pantry. We try to donate or adopt a child every Christmas any thing we can to help someone else.

  125. Karen D Avatar
    Karen D

    I donate to our toy drive at work each year.