Top 10 Monster Desserts

 Top 10 Monster Desserts

It’s monster recipe time! Now that Halloween is right around the corner, we are seeing all kinds of fun Halloween Monster Desserts that are too cute for words. These Top 10 recipes for making desserts with a monster theme make us smile every time. The nice thing about these recipes is that they taste delicious, look colorful and engaging, and definitely look fabulous enough to take to birthday or Halloween parties. If you love bright colors and monsters, you are going to want to give a few of these recipes a try. They have all been pinned and re-pinned thousands of times on Pinterest so you know they are good!

Halloween Monster Desserts

One Eye Monster Cookies

1. One-Eyed Monster Cookies by Smart School House. Soft Cookies topped with fluffy frosting and then embellished with gummy candy to make them look like one-eyed monsters is basically my kids dream cookie. That’s probably why these cookies are so popular. I’m just guessing though. (smiling)

monster eye cup cakes

2. Monster Cupcakes by Life with the Crust Cut Off. These cheesecake bars with two layers of goodness on a cinnamon graham cracker crust topped with streusel and caramel sauce are crowd pleasers!

Easy Monster Desserts

monster bark

3. Monster Bark by Lil’ Luna. This recipe can be tweaked with different things, but the colors are so fabulous and the candy eyes give it the monster finish that we just adore.

monster rice krispie treats

4. Rice Krispie Treat Monsters by One Little Project. We are huge fans of Rice Krispie treats in these parts, and these monster treats are so cute we can hardly stand it. They are made using candy melts so they are super easy, too!

Monster Desserts

monster marshmallows

5. Monster Marshmallows by Made to be a Momma. These monster marshmallows are super simple to make and a great treat to make with your kiddos. Just melt your chocolate, dip the marshmallows in it and then quickly dip in sprinkles, etc.

halloween monster treat

6. Halloween Monster Treats by The 36th Avenue. You can make these monster treats in just one minute. Yet, one minute. That’s because they base is a 1 Swiss Roll!

 Monster Cupcake Recipe

love bug cupcakes

7. Love Bug Cupcakes by The Cake Blog. These little love bug monster cupcakes are so cute we can hardly stand it. They were actually made as a Valentine’s Day treat, but we think they are great for anytime of the year.

Cookie Monster Recipes

cookie monster cake

8. Cookie Monster Cake by Confessions of a Cookbook Queen. Seriously, who wouldn’t love this Cookie Monster Cake that is covered in Cookies and looks so edible and delicious we want to take a bite right now? Cookie lovers will go crazy for this creation, don’t you think?

cookie monster fudge

9. Cookie Monster Fudge by Something Swanky. This fudge recipe is packed with Oreo cookies and chocolate chips! It’s smooth and creamy and blue, just like the Cookie Monster. Adore.

cookie monster cupcake

10. Cookie Monster Cupcakes by Cupcake Diaries. The best part of these cupcakes? The cookie in his mouth. They are surprisingly easy to make, too. Such a cute cupcake perfect for a birthday or Halloween party!

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