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  • No Wax DIY Candle

    No Wax DIY Candle

    How to make a No Wax DIY Candle is easier than you’d ever guess, and you probably already have all of the items you need to make them at home, except maybe the wick. To make a No Wax DIY Candle, you only need 4 things: the candle wick, a crayon, an essential oil of…

  • Top 10 Mason Jar Lid Crafts

    Top 10 Mason Jar Lid Crafts

     Top 10 Mason Jar Lid Crafts  Do you have Mason Jar Lids hanging around like we do? Whether you have some at home or not, crafting with Mason Jar lids is super fun. It’s amazing what you can make with lids. From everyday crafts to Fall Crafts to Christmas Crafts, these Mason Jar Lids crafts are EASY…