Top 10 Flabby Arm Workouts

Top 10 Flabby Arm Workouts

We are always looking for new and easy ways to blast those flabby arms. Notice we said “easy” because working out can be hard and time consuming.  The things we do for good health and beauty! (laughing) That’s why we love these Top 10 Flabby Arm Workouts. They are not so involved that you won’t want to do them. If we could get toned arms by sitting around, we would. Since we can’t these workouts are a great start!


Best Arm Workouts


1. Exercises to Cut the Arm Fat by Skinny Mom. Get ready for some toned arms! You’ll need motivation and dumbbells.


2. Buh Bye Bat Wings by Christina Carlyle. All you need for this strong arm workout is an exercise mat, dumbbells, and determination. (smiling)


3. 3 Minute Arm Workout by Buzzfeed. This 3-Minute Arm Workout is perfect for the lazy girl. Anybody can spare 3 minutes of their day. Right?


4. Dumbell Tricep Exercises by Popsugar. Using dumbbells is a great way to isolate the tricep muscle so you can feel the burn.

Arm Workouts for Women


5. How to Lose Arm Fat by The Running Bug. A workout for the lazy girl to tone the the upper arms? Sign us up.


6. Sexxy Up Your Arms by Lushious Lifts. These arms exercises focus on both biceps and triceps. Some dumbbells, a stability ball, and exercise mat are recommended.


7. 10 Ways to Tone Your Triceps by Spark People. Get your arms toned with these 10 arm workout exercises.

Arm Workouts


8. Lazy Girl Bat Wing Workout by Christina Carlyle.  Five arm exercises to banish bat wings. Perfect for the lazy day and you only have to do it one time a week. (smiling)


9. Chicken Wing Zapper by Cosmopolitan. Use a resistance band to tighten those chicken wings. Lean forward at the hips and lift arms back and up.



10. Triceps Roll by SkinnyMom. Try using a roller to place under your arm. You’ll use your back muscles and inner arm muscles.

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