Top 10 Makeup Tips and Tricks

Top 10 Makeup Tips and Tricks

Whether you’re a woman on the go or heading out for a night on the town these Top 10 Makeup Tips and Tricks are a snap. All of these makeup tutorials have step by step instructions to help you achieve the look you’re looking for! From contouring and highlighting to making your lipstick last longer these tips are perfect for you! Psst…This DIY Lip Scrub is one of our most popular posts if you want to make your own scrub!

top 10 makeup tips and tricks

Makeup Tips

Contour & Highlight

1. How to Contour & Highlight According to Face Shape by Pretty 52. Learning to contour and highlight the proper way can create the illusion of a slimmer face and more youthful skin.  And, since everyone doesn’t have the same face shape there are 5 different tutorials.

how to get thicker lashes

2. How to Get Thicker Lashes by The Beauty Department. Adding loose powder before mascara helps thicken and define lashes.

how to apply concealer

3. How to Get a Facelift in 30 Seconds by Beauty and the Budget. Using concealer and loose powder you can create the illusion of a facelift in just 5 simple steps.

makeup brush cheat sheet

4. Makeup Brush Cheat Sheet by Drop Dead Gorgeous. Not sure what each makeup brush is for? This cheat sheet is like the holy grail of makeup brushes. Everything you need to know and how to use them!

Eye Makeup Tips

how to fix clumpy mascara

5. How to Fix Clumpy Mascara by Listotic. Clumpsy mascara? Quickly fix it by adding a couple drops of Visine eye drops. Shake and voila!

smokey eye

6. The Perfect Smokey Eye Tutorial by Vivian Makeup Artist. The essential steps to create a gorgeous smokey eye that’s perfect for a night on the town.  Once you’ve mastered it you can experiment by adding pops of color.

The Sticky Trick For Perfect Winged Eyeliner

7. Perfect Winged Eyeliner by British Beauty Addict. Add scotch tape under the eye for precise winged eyeliner.

Lipstick Tricks

cupid bow lip trick

8. Cupid’s Bow Lipstick Trick by The Beauty Department. X marks the spot is a great way of help define your cupid’s bow or even enhance it a little if you don’t have full lips.

make lipstick last longer

9. How to Make Your Lipstick Last Longer by Divine Caroline. Wanting your lipstick to last all day? Use these tips and tricks to make it last longer.

diy lip scrub

10. DIY Lip Scrub by Rouge Imaginaire. For smooth lips, it’s essential to exfoliate them.  You can make your own lip scrub at him with items you already have on hand.

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